Why choose Kamayi Contract Staffing services?

Step into the next era of staffing, where we provide the adaptable solutions you require, precisely as per your specifications and punctually.

Our comprehensive services encompass talent scouting, HR, payroll, administrative tasks, insurance, and continuous support. Your workforce is employed under our visa, rendering this approach the swiftest, most effective, and budget-friendly method to enhance your company’s productivity and competencies.

  • Opens your business to a virtually infinite global talent pool
  • Save up to 30% on operating costs
  • Our employees are professional
  • Employees get the benefit of proven HR expertise
  • Staffing solution gives you the flexibly to scale your workforce up or down to precisely meet your current requirements
  • Distributed workforce and reap the rewards of a talented, diverse team going in to bat for your company 24x7x365.
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    Why choose Kamayi?

    With years of experience in talent resourcing, Kamayi has established itself as one of the most trusted local agencies for permanent recruitment in Pakistan and abroad. We not only work with start-ups SMEs and Fortune 500 companies; we partner with them to find the people they need to reach their goals. It is our brand promise to find the right talent fast, without surprises or compromises. Faster, easier and reliable hiring!

    Long Term

    Looking for a team member or a complete department, our solution caters to diverse sectors.

    Short Term

    We’ll deliver short-term associates who are ideally qualified for the positions you need to fill, just when you need to fill them – whether it’s a task-specific hire, flexi-staffing, or to meet a surge in business demand.


    Drawing on our unrivalled international talent pool, we’ll build you a borderless global team that’s ready and able to meet any business challenge head on.

    Companies choose Kamayi as their recruitment partner
    Here’s why:

    • Expertise in aligning our work with your business objectives.
    • All-inclusive support for permanent recruitment.
    • In-house database of candidates for immediate hiring.
    • 100% compliant international hiring hassle free.
    • Complete control over the hiring process
    • Full suite of HR and recruitment solutions