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Kamayi Classic

Kamayi Classic
Kamayi's Classic Search Services provide an end-to-end hiring process, handling everything from sourcing and attracting candidates to onboarding. Our recruitment experts take full responsibility for the hiring process, providing a comprehensive and streamlined service. We identify your needs, develop job descriptions, screen and shortlist candidates, conduct initial interviews and assessments, and present a shortlist of qualified candidates to you. We facilitate the interview and selection process, conduct background checks, and finalize the job offer.

Key Features

  • Multi channel candidate Sourcing
  • Free 60 – day replacement
  • Unmatched post-hiring assistance
  • 2x Faster Vacancy Closing Rate


Vacancy Onboarding

Short call to understand your exact needs

Shortlisting & Recommendation

10 relevant profiles sent to you within 48 hours – YOU select your top 5!

Pre-screening & Evaluation

In addition to taking ownership of the entire recruitment process, Kamayi carries out an intensive interview exercise to assess for job-fit & arranges final 5 interviews with you.


YOU conduct a final interview and select a superstar for your team. Our team readily assists in the negotiation and vacancy closing process.

Kamayi Classic