SalesSpecialist Program

Explore a world of opportunity and see how the SkyElectric Technical Sales Specialist Program can enhance your career. Through structured learning, hands-on training, continuous feedback and supportive colleagues, the SkyElectric Sales Specialist Program will give you the chance to grow and have impact in your chosen area.

Apply to SkyElectric Technical Sales Specialist Program

Our Technical Sales Specialist Program is carefully designed to equip energetic, young individuals with the skills they need to launch their professional careers and embark on their journey to become future leaders!

Program Timeline

Month 1:
Classroom Training
Specialists will go through a 1-month long Classroom Training program, which will cover Product Knowledge, Company Knowledge and Sales Skills. The Classroom Training will be conducted at physical locations in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. During this month, the specialists will receive a PKR 10,000 stipend.
Month 2 & 3:
Field Sales
Specialists will then complete two months of field sales training, where they will be working with a mentor. This will involve outdoor sales campaigns and each specialist will shadow a mentor and master the art of selling. During this period, candidates will be paid a stipend of PKR 25,000/month.
Graduation: Upon successfully achieving program related targets, specialists will graduate from the program at the end of the third month. All graduating specialists will be awarded a Certification in Technical Sales. Along with receiving a signing-in bonus, these specialists will become a permanent part of the exceptional Sales team at SkyElectric, with a market competitive salary, health insurance and other company benefits. Furthermore, these Specialists will have the potential to earn a commission of up-t0 (but not limited to) PKR 50,000 per month. 
Program Benefits:
  • Launch your Sales Career at Pakistan’s Fastest Growing Renewable Energy Company
  • Hands-on learning & experience relating to Sales Techniques
  • Guaranteed earning from your first month
  • Professional development through mentoring from leaders at SkyElectric
  • Professional Certification in Sales upon completing the 3 month program
Application Process
  • Online Application
  • Stage 1 – Online Assessments
  • Stage 2 – Video Interview
  • Stage 3 – Final Interview